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On Sun, Jan 17, 2010 at 1:59 PM, Eike Decker <> wrote:
> That wouldn't be a problem since "function g(x)" is a statement to
> assign a function that is currently defined to the global value "g",
> whereas "function (x)...end" is no valid statement at all, unless it
> is being a part of an argument or a value to be assigned to a
> variable.

Very true!  It being a rainy afternoon, I modified the parser to
accept anon functions as arguments. In the function funargs in
lparser.c, added another case:

    case TK_FUNCTION: { /* funcargs -> function */
       body(ls, f, 0, ls->linenumber);

> print function() end
stdin:1: '=' expected near 'function'

Oops - ambiguity - it thinks this is an assignment! Not as easy as it looks.

steve d.