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> If I understood correctly you have basically changed luaconf.h to
> configure the default lua number to be 'complex double' instead of
> 'double'. Then you've seen that a number of adaptations were needed in
> many places:

Yes, like I said, it wasn't too hard and it wasn't an extensive change.

> So I believe I was correct when I said that 'you cannot have complex
> number with a simple change in luaconf.h'.

For the Lua core, it was a simple change in luaconf.h. The libraries needed
more work.

> is there enough motivation in your team to officially support a
> complex number option for Lua ?

No more and no less than to support integers, though I admit that integers
are easier to handle in the libraries.

> To be constructive I can propose to implement and bug fix the LNUM
> patch for complex number to be integrated in main stream Lua. I
> will just need some hints from you from time to time since I'm not
> familiar with lua internals. Are you willing to accept this kind of
> contribution of the official Lua distribution ?

I'd be happy to help but I don't think it'll be added to the official
Lua distribution, just like we have not added code to support integers.

But please don't let that stop you from creating something that others can use.