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On Sat, Jan 16, 2010 at 12:52 PM, James Hearon <> wrote:
> New to Lua.  Still trying to understand why 'require' does not work very
> well.
> I cannot get Lua to find a lib unless I place the exe in the same folder
> next to the lib.  The 'require' statement does not use paths it seems, and
> linking often does not work since some libs have no sonames and are not
> named according to standard practices. Some libs require symlinks to other
> libs etc.

This sounds like you're trying to require a library that's not a Lua
extension.  That won't work.

> O.K. so I copied the to /usr/lib/lua/5.1/ and this temp fix works;
> but the external libs I want to require are really more extensive than just
> What is a good solution to this problem?  How do you go about requiring
> external libs which have dependencies to other libs etc.?

You need to link either your Lua extension or your main program
against any other required libraries.