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3 points to add -
1. May I remind you that msvcrt.dll is the only one supplied by the OS.
2. I use GNU Make 3.81 to build regardless of VC compiler version. GNU make runs on just about everything.

On 16/1/2010 3:51 AM, Enrico Colombini wrote:
Antonio Scuri wrote:
Visual C++ Express edition is a free fully featured IDE.

Last time I looked (2005) the free edition forced the usage of manifests
[*]; I was never able to extricate myself from the bureaucracy and build
a portable executable.
([*] Actually there was a hairy hack to link VC free with msvcrt,
implying some hundred MB of extra stuff and hand-changing of many
project settings)

Probably because of my clumsiness (and allergy to most Microsoft tools)
I've never been able to compile Lua additional libraries with the free
VC, especially not with the provided makefiles, so I had to resort to
recompiling the world (Lua + all the libs I needed) with mingw32.
(I never understood manifests too, despite much reading... I was very
glad to having to work mostly on embedded targets)

I'd be very happy to see a free, standard way to compile Lua and
libraries to produce portable executables/DLLs on Windows.