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Benoit Germain wrote:
As a side note, I have a fix for lanes so that the "waiting" status is
properly reported when waiting for a linda communication, but neither
sourceforce project administrators (Asko Kauppi and Thomas Fletcher) have
acknowledged my attempts at communicating with them, either directly or
through this list. Maybe I'll be more lucky this time?

I'm a project administrator ... Neato! =;-)

I just applied to be a member of the project because we use Lanes here
at Crank and I figured it was worth having it as part of my collection
of LuaForge projects.

If I have the power to help, I'd love to, but as far as I know I
don't have any commit rights on the LuaLanes project (maybe I'm
wrong ... time to go check!).

Thomas Fletcher
Crank Software Inc.