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Antonio Scuri <> [2010-01-15 02:01:27]:


>   For those who use the LuaBinaries executables,

I use LuaBinaries just for testing as a scripting environment. No offence, but
I would never link to library I didn't compiled myself except for some
proprietary, closed source stuff.

>   I think it is time to move from vc8 (VS 2005) to vc9 (VS 2008) and the 5.2
> release is a great opportunity since it will force all modules to recompile
> anyway.

Why would you  want to force everybody to use VC9? I'm still happy with VC6,
but forced to use VC8 or higher versions just because other projects do so.

>   What do you think?

It's your project, you're making decision and I simply don't care, because I
don't link against LuaBinaries. As the enduser I would be happy to get new
versions of LuaBinaries and I nevermind which development environment it was
build on.

-- ynezz