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On 15/01/2010 02:01, Antonio Scuri wrote:
   For those who use the LuaBinaries executables,

   I'm about to release the LuaBinaries for 5.2.0-work2 and have a question
regarding the DLL dependency.

   I think it is time to move from vc8 (VS 2005) to vc9 (VS 2008) and the 5.2
release is a great opportunity since it will force all modules to recompile

   What do you think?

Well, VS 2010 is coming anytime. I don't know if there will be a free edition (I think it will). Possibly it will bring yet another runtime (MSVCR10 ??) But I once read (can't find the link though) that VS2010 will let you choose the runtime used when linking.

I don't know what to say, honestly. Here at work we use Lua linked against msvcrt. We require a lot of libraries written in C, and they link to msvcrt or msvcr90 and we have no issues. But the option of going GCC seems best in the long run. I would miss, though, being able to debug using Visual Studio.