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As always,


which is the Lua 5.2 changes discussion. May be a little premature,
but what the hell.

1.40 and 1.41 are not final, please think of anything else that the
curious/concerned Lua 5.1 programmer would need to know.

Thanks to Joe Myers, Peter Cawley and bbenson for fixes.

2.10 now has a reference to GSL shell

1.27 no longer has a blanket statement that 'errors are strings',
which has never been true ;)  This should now be more nuanced, and
mentions the Lua 5.2 change.

I'm thinking of doing a Windows/POSIX portability question. Any thoughts?

There has been a suggestion that the FAQ moves from title anchors
(like #T1.40) to something more meaningful (like
#what_Lua_51_code_breaks_in_lua_52) that might be autogenerated from
the questions themselves. My only concern is that people may have
bookmarked the title anchors already.

steve d.