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With some help of Paulo i started to write a notify libraby for Lua, as i thought it would is pretty simple and it is very little code on it yet. But it is well tested (i personally like to develop using TDD, i don't know if my TDD is good :-), but i try my best).

We called it Luanotify because it will not clash with other libraries names like luasignal. This lib is being inspired on GSignal and py-notify:

as on those examples we tried to use a OO approach, like the one presented on the PIL book. It is still very simple but already works fine (you all can see the tests). Now we are planning to build something like a tree of events, that will support Event:Subevent, like there is on GSignal and freeswitch. Than you will be able to do everything you do on a Signal but to a whole class of events. The idea is to make easier to build an application in lua using the Observer/Observed pattern.

Any suggestions will be very welcome :-), this is our FIRST Lua code, so i expect a lot of ugly and stupid things on it.

We implemented a simple API with support to:

- Block/Unblock of signals
- Accumulators
- Set up functions
- Tear down functions

More of the API can be seen on:

and as i said before the idea is to implement Event/Subevent too.

The project is being hosted at github:

as the LGPL license says, i hope it will be useful :-)

best regards,

On Wed, Jan 13, 2010 at 11:04 AM, Jerome Vuarand <> wrote:
2010/1/8 Alexander Gladysh <>:
>> Finally I attached another eventloop.lua file (which is different from
>> the one linked and described above), which is such a generalization of
>> the Copas architecture for mixed client/server application.
> Interesting. Under what license do you release this code?

Anything you want, I usually go for MIT. Do you want me to send a copy
with a license ?