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Mark Hamburg <> writes:
> So, I can sympathize with the decision to deprecate setfenv and
> getfenv (though I've got some trepidation about shifting to the debug
> module). I view loadin as a decided improvement. But I'm not convinced
> yet that in-do-end really makes things enough better to be worth the
> syntax.

For the cases where in-do-end or loadin doesn't really suffice, how
about some alternatives to setfenv, e.g. --

 callin (FUN, ENV)
     -- call FUN using ENV as its environment

 copyfun (FUN, ENV)
     -- return a copy of FUN, replacing its environment with ENV

I wish the lua devs would say a bit more about their motivations in
making this change, so people can focus on solving the problem in a way
that makes everybody happy; as it is, it seems like everybody's groping
in the dark...


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