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On 2010-01-12, Nevin Flanagan <> wrote:
>  I strongly favor the transition to lexical environments. What I think would be the
> most versatile addition to this would be the addition to the lua_ API  of a function
> such as "lua_pushclosurecopy" or something similar, that would create on the
> stack a copy of the closure at a given index, with the same code and upvalues
>but as a separate object that could be passed or collected separately. This would
> make it trivial to add a function inside Lua that would create a copy of a closure
> with its own environment, without decompiling or recompiling it. This would also
>  mean that code could keep a closure without the fear that a new environment
> could be forced on it, since it would not know about the copy.

I like your approach of "clone a closure". It seems to address my issues nicely.