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On 12/01/2010 14:51, Antonio Scuri wrote:
The modification you're asking for doesn't make Lua better, it makes
it more suited to your application (LfW). But changing the PATH
environment variable is not the only alternative.

   I do think it makes Lua better because LfW is more than a simple "application". It is a very popular Lua distribution for general use. But if there are alternatives I would like to know them.

Or LuaRocks, for the same reasons.

In your situation I'd rather patch the lua.exe interpreter so that it
replaces the default C module searchers with a custom version that use
LOAD_WITH_ALTERED_SEARCH_PATH. The Lua dll stays intact, should it be
used by other applications (that may or may not use C modules from the
LfW install). Only the interpreter application has to know about the
specific way to load modules, and with a custom searcher that's
exactly the case.

   How we do that?

Maybe the solution would imply having a module that would place our custom loader in package.loaders.

require "alteredpath"

That module will roughly do something like:

table.insert(package.loaders, 1, function(modname)
  local path, err = package.searchpath(modname, package.cpath)
  if not path then deal_with_error end
  -- etc

The issue I have with this code is the index '1'. I'd like to insert this loader before the C loader. How do I know where is it? If only package.c_loader were available so one could look for it in the table...