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OOLua version 1.2.2 is a bug fix, has optimisations over 1.2.1 and now
uses premake 4.2. The use of the latest premake means that xcode is
now supported.

See for current speed comparisons with swig 1.3.40 and Luabind 9.0
Download :
Please see readme.txt in the download for build instructions or
consult the wiki

Change list
*Converted premake scripts to premake4
*optimised checking of a type against a requested type via casting and storing a function taking the parameters to lua_Cfunction which requires less usage of the Lua stack.
*moved Luna licence to a more suitable section of code
*removed dead code from oolua_storage.h
*removed dead code from class_from_stack.h
*added setting a user data's none const name whilst changing it's constant status in set_type_top_to_none_const to prevent potentail errors. As the name and none constant name use a pointer compare when checking for constant status.
*added xcode support, tests required linking gtest and gmock normally i.e. -lgmock instead of gmock specified way gmock config - *
*added xcode test unit bash build script.
*build logs directed to there own directory
*added new test project "tests_may_fail" for issue 7 (
this fails soft on an error i.e. returns 0 from main not 1. moved effected tests (pushing and pulling signed int and signed long)to the new test project.
*changed bash build scripts to run the tests_may_fail swell as unit.tests
*added comment in lua_includes.h for mingw users
*added a readme with details of library as many download locations are now available
* fixed passing a c style string to a member function bug as reported by airbash
* fixed a corresponding bug of a member function which returns a c style string.
* added define in lua_includes.h to support Lua 5.2 and 5.1.4 simultaneously
* fixed typo in
* adjusted premake recursive file inclusion to offset premake4.2 problem
* renamed gnu build script to to reflect what it is doing
* added for building a local install
* added for building a local install
* added for building a local install
* renamed to to reflect what it is doing
* added dl to link flags for unit tests in linux builds
* added vs2008x86_build.bat for building a local install
* renamed vs2008x86_premake4.bat to vs2008x86_tests.bat to reflect what it is doing
* added codeblocks_build.bat for building a local install
* renamed codeblocks_premake4.bat to codeblocks_tests.bat to reflect what it is doing