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Methinks the simple solution is maybe:

<line of code> /* generates spurious warning with some compilers */

Philippe Lhoste wrote:
On 11/01/2010 14:54, David Burgess wrote:
You can do it individually.
At one stage my coding style was to wrap spurious warnings like:

#pragma warning( disable : 4514 )

<code ... />

#pragma warning( enable : 4514 )

This also highlights to the programmer that One (hopefully) knows what
they are doing. MS use this approach in their SDK code.
I cant remember it offhand but I know you can do the same in GCC

I would be cleaner to put options to disable warnings in the make files, no? Otherwise, you will get code riddled with compiler-dependent pragmas, which looks quite ugly for code that aims to be super-portable... On the other hand, we loose the precision above (disable only for a region of code), but well, we can suppose Lua's coders know what they do in general... :)