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Could the Lua implementors provide some realistic example code (say, 100 
lines or more solving a genuine, if cliched, problem) and explanation to 
show how they intend the 'in' and 'loadin' features to be used?

I'm sure many of the experts on the list will know intuitively what they 
can be used for, and why. I'm sure that many cunning uses will emerge 
which the implementors might not have expected, or even anticpiated.

But it would be nice to get a feel for the "why and how" from the 
implementors themsleves.

What would be really nice would be something not too far from a first 
draft of the section about "in" which might appear in the Third Edition of 
PiL :-) A guide, if you like, to the expected function, intention and 
idiom of the new environment system, which seems to be the biggest 
external change in the new release...