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Rene Rebe <> writes:
>> There are better ways to write that, and you should use them...
>> expecting fractions to silently be dropped is just plain dodgy.
>> [e.g., = (bit.rshift (0xffff, 8), 0xff) ]
> I know this and all the details. Been there, done that.

... and yet you're still using bad code like you quoted?

> I already wrote that the concern is about least surprise and coding
> style. I do not consider using bit.Xshift or math.{round,ceil,floor}
> everywhere to be especially beautiful nor readable (reviewable,
> maintainable) code.

If you're operating on an integer value that, you expect to use as a
bitmask etc, then using integer operations with well-defined bit-level
behavior leads to _less_ surprising behavior.


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