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On Sat, Jan 9, 2010 at 12:11 AM, Ben Kelly wrote:
> I'm sad that there's still no builtin macro, token filter, or other
> compile-time metaprogramming support in the language. I have a lot of
> other things I'd like to see (try/catch instead of (x)pcall hacks, for
> example), but all of those are just subsets of "I want to be able to
> modify the language without stepping outside the language".
> I'm also sad that varargs is still not first-class, so code like:
>    function f(...) return function() print(...) end  end

There's quite a few small nice things in the 5.2-work, but on the
bigger picture, some of the above would seem desirable to make Lua an
even more expressive language.  I'm not sure about the "in" statement,
but I may need to see more use cases and the practical implications of
how it affects how people write code.