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2010/1/8 Gunnar Zötl <>:
> Hi,
> I hope this list is ok for this issue.
> I could not get luarocks to search platform specific incdirs (or, for that
> matter, any incdirs at all) when looking for header files in the external
> dependencies. Is that correct or am I just being dim? The incdirs are added
> to the compile commands, as expected.
> I feel that luarocks should search those directories when looking for
> dependencies.
> Gunnar

I don't know if i understood you right. In case i did, you can specify
directories when you run the luarocks command like this:
luarocks MAPM_INCDIR=? MAPM_LIBDIR=? make
(in this case, MAPM was defined as an external dependency)
don't know where it's documented. It is supposedly also possible to
specify it in the luarocks config file.