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Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo <> writes:
>> It is a pity though that trusted config file loading would have to use
>> debug library now... I understand that load{file/string} would not be
>> affected by "in" construction. Am I right?
> There'll be a new function, loadin:
> So, no need to use the debug library.

I've found the split between actual loading and setfenv useful -- e.g.,
it lets you evaluate a loaded file in different contexts.  It seems that
you're going to have to define multiple new load functions (not just
but "loadfilein", "loadstringin", ...); isn't just having a single
setter nicer?

Also, what about getfenv?  It currently allows a lua function to copy
its caller's environment, which is useful for e.g., writing an
"include()" function.


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