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On Fri, Jan 8, 2010 at 00:00, Raymond Jacobs <> wrote:
> Overall I've found MochaLua extremely useful in getting my engine onto other
> platforms/languages, where lua 'especially the Lua C-API' is not supported
> (e.g. luaalchemy)

Sorry for the plug, but, since Lua Alchemy was mentioned... I'm one of
authors of this project.

I believe that AS3 interface for Lua C-API may be added to Lua
Alchemy. Unfortunately, I am currently not able to work on it
myself... :-(

But I'll be happy to tutor anyone who would be willing to help the
project, would it be this feature or any other particular itch like
fast AS3/Lua communication. You'll need to be familiar with plain C
and with a bit of AS3, but nothing too serious is required.

There are some diffuculties with installing Adobe Alchemy pipeline on
Windows, so, if you're on that platform, you'd have to be minimally
familiar with using Linux shell for building (nothing fancy, I'll help
you as needed) — I either provide you a VMWare Ubuntu image, or
arrange you a remote shell for building Lua Alchemy swc files.

I'd really like to give a second life to Lua Alchemy development...
There are many interesting and useful features still to be

If anyone is interested, please write to Lua Alchemy mailing list
( or to me personally.