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I?m looking for someone to step in and help us admin Mochalua. When we ported it our plan was to continue working on Java-centric platforms. Those plans changed (iPhone) and we just haven?t had time to give it any attention at all.  I don?t think we will until we start working in Java again.

The license is open source and I?d be happy to add another admin or two to the project if anyone out there is working with or would like to work with and help maintain Mochalua.

As discussed before, Mochalua is a ?maximalist? alternative to the lean & mean Kahlua. I haven?t been following either, but where we left off, Mochalua attempts to provide a full port of the Lua runtime plus libraries, whereas Kahlua focuses an optimized implementation of the LVM, with additional library support written in Lua.  (Kristofer, correct me if I'm wrong or if things have changed since then. Maybe *you'd* be interested in taking the project on and managing both Mochalua and Kahlua.)