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2009/12/30 Peter Cawley <>:

> You should not link Lua statically if you're loading extension
> modules, but you should be able to link the MSVC runtime statically,

I thought I just did that (with using /MT).

> as long as memory, files, etc. allocated in one DLL are deallocated in
> the same DLL.

Hmm, crossing fingers I hope the will :-)

> If you're distributing DLLs anyway, then why cannot you distribute
> MSVCRxx.DLL alongside whatever other DLLs you are shipping?

If this is the only option, I will, of course. Nevertheless, it's not
working currently as I wrote two hours ago, so maybe that's not the
cause of the error. And I'm not having problems with the other modules
I'm using here (lfs and my own DLL, which links to a very old lib that
has been built somewhere in the nineties, source code not available to