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What's the status of CoCo? Looking into 'test' 
there is not even one test for the C-API. 

Anyway, after googling for C/C++ and coroutines I wonder
if LuaCoCo's C-part is maybe the matured, fasted, and  
most competent supported C-code which could be used as
starting point for a cross-platform coroutine C-library. 

Am I right that it is trivial to remove Lua-specific 
code from lcoco.h/.c, and to split out the C-only part?
What else is missing to get a cross-platform C-library? 

Does anybody have experience with other C-libraries? 


Seems most people create their own solution due to the 
lack of a widely used coroutine library? (even here:
Wim's uthread/fiber)