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I've fixed some error in luadec51. May someone test it?

Here is the Changlog:
1. fix the bug when is_vararg==7
2. OP_SETUPVAL should use UPVALUE(b) instead of UPVALUE(bc)
3. OP_VARARG should be R(A), R(A+1), ..., R(A+B-1) = vararg
4. dirty hack to skip {...}
5. dirty hack to skip error caused by some numeric FOR loops
6. NEWTABLE, SETLIST can properly process {...} and lists that use 2
or more SETLIST (n>50)
       setlist.lua , setlist2.lua
7. SETLIST, {[123]=1,"123"=2} can be properly processed
8. SETLIST, reformat the output
9. VARARG, RETURN, CALL, TAILCALL, SETLIST can properly use ... or
return values as args
10. FOR nested IF can be processed
       for_if.lua , if_for.lua
11. fix some memory leaks

The source code of luadec51 does not contain any project files or
Makefiles. It also depends on the lua 5.1 source codes, which are not
included as well (so you might use any lua 5.1 version).

To compile, grab the lua 5.1 source codes, and compile luadec51 source
files with them. Alternatively you might modify lua's Makefile to add
luadec files to its compilation list

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