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Patrick wrote:
-----not sure if this will end up a double post, the first one did not post after 4 hours-----

The level of experience is very high on this list. I am just wondering how welcome newbie questions are? When I was into Python, python-tutor was a really helpful list. Just 2 or 3 guys made a really big difference answering newbie questions-Patrick

Oh, this is a list with a lot of very nice people. :-) Here it is like Disneyland compared to some other dev lists. Ask away...

However. If you are new at developers' mailing lists or forums, you need to ask questions smartly, so read the FAQs on that. Now, for example, if you are a high-school student and only know say, basic C, tell the list what your level of skill is before describing your question. Disarm those brandishing weapons, so to speak, by choosing the appropriate stance...

But of course, on the Internet it pays to have a thick skin.

I also think that if you stand firm with polite behaviour, it is possible to psyche the boorish ones to tone things down on the more aggressive lists. People can respond unconsciously to "leadership behaviour", it's proven in psychiatry. We can either join the mob or rise above the mob.

Kein-Hong Man (esq.)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia