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TNHarris wrote:
I'm less enthusiastic about the proposal today than yesterday. Perhaps
the difficulty with __index is to remind us that Lua is not an OO
language and we shouldn't be trying to make it one.

True, but there are some (relatively) minor changes that could be made which would open up a lot of features available to other languages that are more OO-friendly. One of the problems I've encountered with __index is that it prevents you from efficiently implementing virtual data members. Consider the case where "child" has a metatable "parent", and "parent" has a metatable "grandparent". Grandparent contains an __index function to catch any non-members that are accessed and handles them accordingly. However, when grandparent.__index is called, the value of self is set to parent, not child, which is totally contrary to the whole concept of "self":

local grandparent = {type="grandparent", __index =function(self, _) return self.type end}
   local parent = setmetatable({type="parent"}, grandparent)
   parent.__index = parent
   child = setmetatable({type="child"}, parent)

   print(        --> parent

The only way for grandparent to get access to the proper value of self (i.e. child) is to also add an __index function to parent and pass it down the chain explicitly, which immediately shadows all members of grandparent from ever being called directly.

This is not a contrived example, it's a direct analogy to OOP cases where grandparent is a base class, parent is a derived class and child is an instance of derived. Derived (parent) has to __index itself so that operators work properly on the instance, so the only way to efficiently implement virtual data members in this case is to change the VM so that either the value of self passed into settable remains constant as you traverse the metatable chain, or pass that value in as a third parameter into grandparent.__index. It's a negligable change to the VM that only effects __index function calls (which are slow anyway) but it would immediately add the ability to implement efficient virtual data members to inheritence heirarchies, which is a very useful feature of other OOP languages.

Mark Feldman

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