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On Sat, Nov 14, 2009 at 10:32 AM, Clark Snowdall <> wrote:
> Everyone,
> Thanks for the suggestions ... some of them were helpful.
> I've done some more exploration, and I think the issue is I can't send a UDP
> broadcast packet.  I can see non-broadcast packets, but when I select the ip
> address for broadcast, it doesn't show up.  Could it be something with my
> router?  Or lua UDP doesn't really like broadcast?  Any suggestions?

Which of the suggestions did you try?

You still haven't said anything about your ethernet configuration
information, particularly ifconfig output, and your code implies you
are using a non-standard netmask.

Doug reported success, and we send lots of broadcast and multicast
traffic with luasocket without trouble, so its not luasocket itself.