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Sean Conner wrote:
It was thus said that the Great Mike Pall once stated:
The #1 question is now: why is the GC stuck? Because usually every
string allocation is accompanied with a GC check. And once the
threshold is reached, the GC is driven forward and should quickly
get out of the sweepstring phase.

I think luaX_newstring() in llex.c must be the culprit. You can
try to add a GC check just before the 'return ts' at line 123:

If this solves the problem, then you've found a bug in Lua.
Congratulations -- it doesn't happen that often. :-)

I tried that, and nope. Still takes six minutes.
  -spc (And I'd like to thank you for your help so far 8-)

Any chance you can post some equivalent script files for the list to hack on? Turns out this thingy might benefit if more people have their hands on something they can run and debug.

Kein-Hong Man (esq.)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia