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> By official you mean, me supporting them if some bug is
> reported? If this is the case, you can consider them
> "supported". As for enabling them by default in the
> makefiles, I don't think this is a good idea because it
> doesn't make sense on Windows. Unix people know to look for
> it and make it work. :) As for documenting them, I may add something to he
> webpage but I doubt the occasional message to the list will stop (we get
> about one per year).

> What do you think?

Well, before posting my question, I've googled up "luasocket unix
domain socket". The results did not told me anything about luasocket
support for them, except this page:,
which says that there is no support. I didn't noticed that this is a
old beta page (that's my fault).

So, here is what I think:

1. LuaSocket docs should mention that LuaSocket supports Unix Domain
Sockets on platforms there they exist.
2. If there would be a module documentation for them, it would be even
better, and should help googling.
3. Since I'm trying to live in LuaRocks ecosystem for my current
project, I'd like to have a rock that enables the Unix Domain Socket
support in LuaSocket. (Or is there an easy way to add it on top by