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Hi list,

I'm trying to write a copas-like module that handles both incoming and
outgoing connections. Since the socket:connect operation can take some
time, and I may have other sockets ready to do something, I'm setting
the timeout to zero, I call connect, but then select is not working as
expected on Windows.

Here is a test script:

#!/usr/bin/env lua

require 'socket'

function test(ip, port)
    local master = assert(socket.tcp())
    local success,err = master:connect(ip, port)
    print(master, success, err)
    if not success and err=='timeout' then{}, {master})
        success,err = master:connect(ip, port)
        print(master, success,err)

print("valid address 1")
test('', 80)
print("valid address 2")
test('', 2000)
print("invalid address")
test('', 44444)

Note that I have a server on port 80 (Apache), and a custom LuaSocket
server on port 2000. There is nothing on port 44444.

On Linux, select returns as soon as the connection status is known. I
have to call connect again to determine if it succeeded or not, here
is the log:

doub@blimbox:~/test$ lua test
valid address 1
tcp{master}: 0x80738d4
tcp{client}: 0x80738d4  nil     timeout
tcp{client}: 0x80738d4  1       nil
valid address 2
tcp{master}: 0x8075b0c
connection on PIC
tcp{client}: 0x8075b0c  nil     timeout
tcp{client}: 0x8075b0c  1       nil
invalid address
tcp{master}: 0x8077d4c
tcp{client}: 0x8077d4c  nil     timeout
tcp{client}: 0x8077d4c  nil     connection refused

On Windows however, when the connection succeeds, the socket is
already connected and calling connect again triggers an error. And if
the connection fails, select never returns. Note the Ctrl+C in the log
that I had to do to kill the program :

C:\test>lua test
valid address 1
tcp{master}: 00465008
tcp{client}: 00465008   nil     timeout
tcp{client}: 00465008   nil     already connected
valid address 2
tcp{master}: 00467078
tcp{client}: 00467078   nil     timeout
tcp{client}: 00467078   nil     already connected
invalid address
tcp{master}: 00469150
tcp{client}: 00469150   nil     timeout

On both platforms I'm using LuaSocket 2.0.2.

Can anybody else reproduce the problem ? Is there a known workaround ?
I haven't tried the 2.0.3 beta, should I ? Any help would be