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On 10/11/2009, at 9:01 PM, Alexander Gladysh wrote:

Hi, list!

This looks like a silly question, and I feel that it should be
documented somewhere, but anyway:

Can LJ2 be used with C modules, linked with Lua (on Linux / OS X platforms)?

Yes, it works for me.  The API is the same.

My intuition says "no". Then I feel that LJ2 should ignore LUA_CPATH
and have its own environment variable.

I use the exact same modules from the same path for lua and luajit.

Looks like practice says "yes" — what I've tried worked. But this is
strange. What am I missing? What are the consequences? What if modules
are accidentally compiled as 64-bit code?

(I think you mentioned earlier you were on OS X?)

Since snow leopard, upgrading macports and LJ2 I keep tripping over 32/64 bit issues. I *think* I've got it fixed now - lua and all my modules are built as fat binaries for both 32 and 64 bit. LJ2 is 32 bit. I assume Lua uses the 64 bit half of the binary and LJ2 the 32 bit half.

The last hiccup I had was that up until a couple of weeks ago, macports failed to build lua +universal as a universal binary, and I needed to do a "macport selfupdate" to get the fix. Using "lipo - info" to check that you actually got fat binaries is a very good idea.