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This is the second beta release of LuaJIT 2.0.0. It fixes many
bugs present in the initial release. Please upgrade!

The other major changes are reorganized Makefiles for POSIX (now
builds both static and shared libraries) and support for handling
C++ exceptions. Performance is unchanged over the initial release.
Please check the changelog for more details.

Here is a link to the home page:

A direct link to the download page:

And a link to the changelog:

What is LuaJIT?

LuaJIT is a Just-In-Time (JIT) Compiler for Lua. It's fully
compatible with standard Lua 5.1 and can significantly boost the
performance of your Lua programs.

LuaJIT is open source software, released under the MIT/X license.

LuaJIT builds out-of-the-box on all popular x86 operating systems
(Linux, Windows, OSX etc.). It runs fine as a 32 bit application
under x64-based systems, too.

This is a BETA TEST release -- the current status and the list of
known issues are shown here:
Please report any problems you may find with this release. Thank you!

For more on what's new in LuaJIT 2.0, see the initial announcement: