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Graham Wakefield wrote:
> Scripting in VoodooPad
> There are two ways to script VoodooPad.  There's the traditional
> approach with AppleScript, or you can use two other great programming
> languages- Python and Lua.  If you aren't really familiar with either
> of these languages, we'd prefer you to pick Python*.  Lua is great,
> but Python has a lot more momentum behind it as well as a lot more
> documentation.
> ...
> * In a future release of VoodooPad (think something along the lines of
> a hypothetical VoodooPad 6), we'll be taking out the Lua support.
> You'll be able to download a plugin to continue to use your legacy
> scripts in Lua, but we'll no longer officially support it.  So now is
> a good time to look and see what it would take to move your scripts to
> Python.

Despite the fact that I can't really change their decision, especially
without giving hard facts, I find it interesting to point out that they
seem to be going in the exact opposite direction as everyone else. I
personally feel (and a few coworkers have brought this up too,
independently) that Lua is rapidly replacing Python as the premier
choice in embedded scripting languages for applications. Why they are
choosing to move back to Python seems to be beyond me. In fact, based
off your quote (I haven't done research myself), it seems to be based
mostly off a personal opinion and off no hard facts whatsoever.

But if that's what they want, then by all means, it's their decision.


Matthew P. Del Buono