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On 2009-11-03, Mike Pall <> wrote:
> Auto-parallelization has been tried for the last fourty years
>  with, umm, mixed results. Almost all of the benchmarks on the
>  shootout are manually parallelized (e.g. using OpenMP). But this
>  is tedious. Also, parallel != concurrent.
>  This is a wide field. No easy solution in sight.
>  --Mike

Parallel != Concurrent. Parallel is much easier.
For example, fractal can grow from 4 stems in parallel requiring no
data exchanges between the branches and no need for synchronization.
Something like LuaLanes might be sufficient for some benchmarks in
shootout to improve the standing.
LuaJIT-2 performance on a single-core is spectacular. On the quad-core
it is less so.