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On Nov 3, 2009, at 5:22 AM, Ivan Kolev wrote:

I don't know of such a tool but it sounds a great idea to me.
Recently I was wondering what's the easiest way to cover the most possible platforms with a game (including mobile devices). There are a few options with various coverage, advantages and disadvantages - C/C++, Java, HTML/Javascript, Lua and Flash. Of all, Flash seems to be the most available and easiest, because of what I understand you can create a single Flash which would run everywhere (of course, it would only cover the more modern smartphones which support Flash). I'm not sure about Lua availability on various mobile platforms (especially the newer ones like Android, iPhone, Maemo). If there was a game-oriented Lua library for all platforms where Flash is available, then we wouldn't need a Lua->Flash converter, we'd happily use Lua directly.

It only gets you iPhone and it doesn't get you the rest that Flash offers, but Ansca Mobile's Corona is a Lua-based development environment for the iPhone.

To really exploit Flash (on any platform), you probably want to use ActionScript as opposed to Lua and CS5 promises an option to export to iPhone.