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2009/11/2 Mike Pall <>
> Without causing undue trouble to the VM, they would have to be
> boxed (in a userdata or an even smaller container). And one would
> have to add a special kind of array type to store them, because
> storing boxed values in a table is just too much overhead for
> numerical programs.


I think that native support for complex numbers would be a *great*
plus for numerical calculations. I think also that complex numbers
should be supported, if possible, as a native type just like Asko's
LNUM patch is doing. Also, I'm not sure that you need a struct to
represent complex number, in C99 they are a native type just like
'int' or 'double'

I guess anyway that integration with the LuaJIT VM can absolutely non trivial.

Otherwise, me too, I'm impressed by your work and I have a small
unrelated question. I was wondering if the JIT compiler is also able
to optimise Lua functions called with 'lua_call' from within a C
library code (called, in turn, from Lua top level).

Thank you a lot in any case for sharing your work!