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On 2009-11-02, Mike Pall <> wrote:
> Leo Razoumov wrote:
>  > How difficult it is to add native Complex numbers to LuaJIT (C-99 compatible)?
>  > By native I mean as little overhead over lua_Number as possible.
> [..snip..]
>  But the JIT compiler could do transparent
>  boxing/unboxing to reduce the overhead in many (but not all) cases.
>  To be really effective this also needs allocation sinking, but
>  that's planned anyway.
>  If you want to embark on that adventure yourself, I suggest to
>  wait until LJ2 has gained support for both allocation sinking and
>  arrays holding low-level data types (a Complex would just be a
>  "struct { double re, im; }").
>  --Mike

I would like to give it a try. I implemented complex numbers as
userdata for the Lua interpreter. But userdata is allocated on the
heap and, thus, is too slow for tight loops commonly found in
Bringing down box/unbox overhead could save the day.

Also I am a bit worried about function dispatch. Adding two doubles is
a native Lua opcode and it does not go through the trouble of
metamethods. Using __add, __mul, etc metamethods dispatch for complex
numbers is slow. Could it be avoided?