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Leo Razoumov wrote:
> Some people speculated that Mike Pall is Lua's version of a "Bourbaki"
> group -- a nickname for a group of talented mathematicians disguising
> their identities under a collective pen-name:-)

Heck, I've done the opposite. There's quite a bit of code out
there which I haven't published under my real name (for various
reasons). Not any Lua stuff, though. Good luck hunting it down. ;-)

> Without invading your privacy, could you please, add a human face to
> the code and dispel the misconceptions.

I know enough about the Internet not to do this. But you'd be
surprised for sure.

> P.S. With apologies for celebrity thirsty modern culture and
> top-posting your message.

The former I can easily ignore. The latter is inexcusable. It's
not just the top-posting that makes it bad. It's the full-quote.
In Germany we call it TOFU (text oben, full-quote unten) and once
upon a time it gave reason for death penalty on Usenet.