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René Rebe wrote:
> I updated the T2 SDE package, web view at:

Umm, isn't it a bit early for a distro release? :-)
But, anyway, thanks for the work!


The info text at the top of the page is outdated -- you can
cut'n'paste something from the new web pages, if you want.

And ... maybe I just didn't see it, but if you pass a different
PREFIX for the Makefile, you need to patch the module paths in
luaconf.h, too.

The convention from Debian's Lua package is to add both
/usr/local/... and /usr/... to the module paths (in this order).
Note that the LuaJIT-version-specific path must be after the
current-dir path, but before /usr/local/....

Oh, and I haven't yet documented, that LuaJIT can also be compiled
as an amalgamation with the 'make amalg' target. This reduces
total code size and speeds up the JIT compiler.

The only drawback is that this causes GCC to consume *a lot* of
memory during the build. But I assume your build box is big
enough, so I think it would be a good option for binary distros.

There are some changes to the build process ahead. E.g. I want to
build a shared library by default. But I need to consult with all
of the distro maintainers first (I want a *common* name for the
shared library). You'll get mail sometime in the coming weeks.