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Mike Pall wrote:
  I hereby declare any and all of my own inventions contained in
  LuaJIT to be in the public domain and up for free use by anyone
  without payment of any royalties whatsoever.

  [Note that the source code itself is licensed under a permissive
  license and is not placed in the public domain. But this is an
  orthogonal issue.]

I cannot guarantee it to be free of third-party IP however. In
fact nobody can. Writing software has become a minefield and any
moderately complex piece of software is probably (unknowingly to
the author) encumbered by hundreds of dubious patents. This
especially applies to compilers. The curent IP system is broken
and software patents must be abolished. Ceterum censeo.

Nice copyright statement, I think I'll steal it someday. Assuming it's not patented ;-)

I'll add my congratulations for your great work on LuaIJT 2.0. Even if most of the technical discussion is well above my head (I hardly lifted Lua's lid to look at its internals), it's definitely a strong incentive to use Lua for more and more high-performance code.