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>> Will SSE2 support be minimum required?
> The status page mentions it:
>  The JIT compiler can only generate code for CPUs with SSE2 at
>  the moment. I.e. you need at least a P4, Core 2/i5/i7 or K8/K10
>  to use it. I plan to fix this during the beta phase and add
>  support for emitting x87 instructions to the backend.
> But this is a lot of work and kind of low priority right now. In
> the meantime you could just use LJ1. Or try building LJ2 as a pure
> interpreter. Uncomment this line in the Makefile;
> Then run 'make clean && make'. The interpreter uses x87 only
> (wouldn't make much of a difference to use SSE2 there).
> --Mike

Cool, sorry for the noise, didn't see status page. Thanks Andrew