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> OT: Is there a posting-style convention in the Lua list?
Thanks a lot for the pointer. I should have seen it before.

Even if it weren't explicitly stated, top-posting is bad in general.

I don't think I can agree with such a broad assertion, but I don't really bother about that, so I'll go for the bottom-posting.
Especially like in the case that just occurred where a quoted section
was bottom-posted, but replied to in top-posting convention, which
resulted in a post that could neither be read from top to bottom nor
bottom to top, but rather from the middle out.
I agree. Styles have to be consistent or everything gets messed up.

Note that I myself use Thunderbird. It is trivial to adapt accordingly
to handle bottom-posting.

I use GMail, and these issues are greatly diminished by its interface.

Best regards.
Luís Eduardo Jason Santos