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Graham Wakefield wrote:
> At the risk of looking stupid ~ currently the makefile installs headers 
> into /usr/local/include, but no static library libluajit.a (or whatever 
> it should be called); is embedding LJ2 problematic?

Errm, yes, I knew I forgot to mention something in the TODO list.
Thank you for reminding me.

The plan is to switch to generating a shared library on all
platforms (currently only done on Windows). But I haven't gotten
around to this, yet. That's why it currently builds everything
into the executable.

Or do you really want to embed a static library?
In this case, simply do this:

  cd src
  ar rcu libluajit-2.0.0-beta1.a lj_*.o lib_*.o

Embedding it is actually trivial. Just link against it, like you'd
link with liblua.a. No extra setup required. If you've replaced
luaL_openlibs(), remember to add the "jit" and "bit" libraries, too.