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David Given wrote:
uri cohen wrote:
> My question is on how can I verify my port works? Other than toy scripts > I created, I'm looking for a comprehensive set of tests I can run in > order to verify all important language feature were not broken...

Unicode is harder than it looks... one reason Lua doesn't really use it is that once you start dealing with Unicode you start finding places where you get conflicting requirements.

For example, ? can be represented as both U+301 U+0065, or as U+00E9. Do these compare equal? They are technically the same thing.

The other question mark above is an é (it got ASCII'd :-). I agree with you about the conflicting requirements, indeed more so because whether Latin small letter e with acute is the same as the unadorned e plus combining acute accent depends on context. In plain French text, I'd say yes, but what about in a mathematical text with variables <p>e e&#769; e&#779;</p>, i.e. e, e-acute, e-double-accute. In that case I'd say no, as maintaining the separation of the base letter and the diacritic would probably be important.