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>> Something like Nanoki[1] but with OS threads.
>  More or less relevant quote:
> "... we did not (and still do not) believe in the standard multithreading
> model, which is preemptive concurrency with shared memory: we still think
> that no one can write correct programs in a language where ‘a=a+1’ is not
> deterministic."

I've read that doc- funny quote :) But I didn't mean OS threads
exposed to lua as per LuaThread, but a model with a separate lua state
per thread, like LuaLanes, and each thread corresponding to a Xavante
handler. What's missing to Xavante is an OS thread pool/manager, and
you get yourself lighttpd.

For now, I am happy with WSAPI + mod_fcgid + apache, which is similar
to tcpserver + nanoki's http library except for:
  1) there's a process pool => great speed advantage;
  2) apache does a few things like keepalive and on-the-fly
compression (no biggie- could be easily done in lua).