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Casey Hawthorne <> writes:
>>To answer the title of the thread, Kahlua is a pure Java implementation 
>>of Lua.
> That's what's confusing about this whole discussion.
> When the title would have been better as "Implementing other languages
> to run on the LuaVM".

No, the subject is accurate.

The original post _starts out_ talking what you say, but quickly changes
topic to that of the subject line (implementation of the Lua VM in non-C
languages); the ensuing thread the follows in discussing that topic.

> The title of the thread is " The LuaVM implemented in languages other
> than C", which immediately brought to mind Haskell for implementing
> parsers, since Haskell implemented Perl 6, first I beleive.

Is that of any interest besides historical?  What advantages does a
haskell implementation offer?

[The main reason people seem to discuss in the thread for various non-C
implementations is better integration with existing systems that aren't
so friendly to C code.]


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