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Hello guys.

I have a script that accesses a central database, extracts data and sends it to other databases, depending on the data obtained, replicating the content to small databases, for local access.

I'm looking to something to help me do this: I  have a main script that identifies what have to be done and another one that would be started by the first to make the copy of the data. By this way I release the first script to perform another query and, if necessary, start another instance of the second script, doing a parallel process with the other.

I can do this process with no difficulty using the command os.execute( "cmd /b lua.exe script2.lua param1 param2" ) on windows or os.execute( "/usr/bin/lua script2.lua param1 param2 &" ) on Linux. However I'm do not know how to identify if the script had completed its execution.

Does anyone know or have any ideas?


[] 's,

Marco Antonio Abreu
System Analist/Developer