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steve donovan wrote:
> Yes, I would put it on my bookshelf next to K & R, in terms of
> clarity.  But K & R is not an introductory text either ;)
> There are other Lua books (often in the games context); are they
> better at introductions? Is there a niche here for a good
> introduction? I've written & published a book, it was a great
> experience, but there would have to be readers ;)

I've found the game development focus books that deal with Lua to be a
tad on the "recipe but no explanation" side.

For the record, I have the following on the bookshelf for Lua:

    * Lua Reference Manual, because I like having it around
    * Programming in Lua, not really introductory but not an advanced
      text either
    * Lua Programming Gems, which has some very good nuggets I would be
      oblivious to otherwise

> You mean misspellings being new global variables? Yes, strict.lua is a
> great little tool.

Personally, "strict.lua" works well for me alone, but I am currently
thinking of using LuaStrict ( and
seeing how it works out because I will be allowing artist-type
colleagues to add Lua code to the project and would prefer as much
protection as I can get!


Benjamin Tolputt
Analyst Programmer