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David Kastrup wrote:
Rob Kendrick <> writes:

On Tue, 22 Sep 2009 21:34:54 +0800
pan shizhu <> wrote:

IMO python is by far the better language for "first programming
language" than Lua.
If you're going to make an audacious assertion, please back it up with
justification :)

Justification changes the syntax.

As does any form of refactoring - Python is very poor for that because its whitespace issues.

I think Python, although powerful, is not a good language to use, the number of times I've wasted time because of the whitespace indentation issues just make it a none-starter.

Does anyone on this list know folks that teach CS or related topics - perhaps they'd have some useful feedback on which things the "average" (whatever that is) person struggles with when learning a language. Then from that you could make suitable choices for a first language. Python would not be my choice as a first language.