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* Eduardo Ochs:

> (*) Well, there are the standard answers for those questions, that we
> all know... "everything is an object! A car is an object! A pizza is
> an object! A window is an object! And every object has a class, and a
> class is also an object"... I am still trying to understand why some
> people seem to feel perfectly at ease with these kinds of ideas, while
> I don't... Links?

If you grok the distinction (or the lack thereof) between tables and
metatables, why can't you apply this concept to to objects and

Method lookup is a different beast, however.  I understand the method
lookup rules for Java and C++ (the dynamic/run-time part, not the
finer points of compile-time overload resolution).  But for Perl and
Python, I don't.  So maybe you're confused by that?